Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chinese Honey Latest Food Safety Concern

Via Parker, Waichman & Alonso, LLP

Tainted Honey is the latest healthcare concern from PRC, during the last 10 years a contagious bacterial epidemic infected bee larvae in hundreds of thousands of bee hives resulting in the majority of the honey production to be cut by two thirds.

While Chinese bee keepers could have destroyed the infected hives, they instead applied a dangerous, extremely toxic banned antibiotic.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration says that tainted honey is high on its watch list.

China has been known to launder honey through third countries to avoid U.S. import fees and tariffs and some of the honey from China has been mislabeled from Russia or from countries that have small bee populations.

Only a small fraction of the honey imported to the U.S. is inspected and the United States has not legally defined honey, posing challenges for enforcement agents working to keep tainted honey out of the country.

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