Friday, October 29, 2010

Chinese Woman Given Forced Abortion During 8th Month of Pregnancy

Xiao Aiyang's second baby was born dead after a poisonous injection, "Oh my baby, I am so sorry, you left us before you could see the light," the Mother wailed after getting out of the operating room. A low level, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) bureaucrat in the family planning office, carry out the regime's One Child Policy, had destroyed the baby at eight months.

Luo Yanquan, rails against CCP officials for killing his wife's child, "My wife was 8 months pregnant but because it was our second, she was kidnapped from our home by the neighborhood office on 10 October, Luo said during an interview with here with The Epoch Times

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Media Mogul Jimmy Lai or Taiwan Smut King

Via Apple Daily

With the news that former Taipei Deputy Mayor King Pu-Tsung, taking the position of CEO of Next Media's TV station, the DPP wondered "whether this is another version of party/government and military intervening with media."

Next Media Group Chairman Jimmy Lai said that he welcomes the doubts as well as monitoring by other people if he does something wrong people may make criticisms. "In the end, you have to watch what we do, I don't change my position for any single person," said Lai, "Starting a television for Ma Ying-jeou? Do you think he is my Dad?"

Jimmy Lai though has a history of changing his political alliances when it serves his purpose---maybe he is just a businessman? Maybe he is attempting to curry favor with the KMT?

In 2000 and 2004 Lai supported DPP Chen Shui-bian, then switched his political allegiance to KMT when the winds switched---so he may in fact, despite what he otherwise said, switch his positions for a person?

What kind of man is Lai? This man has been accused of peddling in child porn with the Easy Finder photos of 14 year old Li Rain in a wet t-shirt and surreptitiously taking photos of Chung Gillian, changing her clothes during a concert in Malaysia.

Lai has been wanting to build a media empire in Taiwan and since 2003 he has launched Taiwanese editions of Next Magazine and Apple Daily---both publications have drawn criticisms from the National Communications Commission and the public for their graphic images.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wen Jiabao Visits Cambridge University, "...hegemony does not apply to China."

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Cambridge University on Monday and claimed that the argument that a big power is to seek hegemony doesn't apply to China.


"Seeking hegemony goes against Chinese cultural tradition as well as the will of the Chinese people, " Wen said adding, "that China's development does not harm or threaten anyone."


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Cartoon courtesy of Cox & Forkum

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Taiwan Welcomes Panda's On Opening Day

A little girl hugs a giant panda at the entrance to the Tuan Tuan & Yuan Yuan Panda exhibit at Taipei Zoo on Monday during the opening of the panda exhibit. A young girl touches a giant panda as her father wearing a panda hat waiting at the entrance to the panda exhibit.

Thousand of visitors seen the two pandas for the first time on Monday during the start of Chinese Lunar New Year

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First Day