Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Panda's From PRC, Help Choose New Names

Tuan-Tuan and Yuan-Yuan, whose names together mean Unite, are now in Taiwan which Peoples Daily Online refers to as China's Taiwan Province.

Xiexie for the Panda's but Comrade Hu & Comrade Ma give the politics a rest, on the 13 December I wrote here why must everything be political, they are Panda's they want to eat,
sleep, play and eat some more. They're uninterested in politics.

DPP Legislator Twu, Shiing
-Jer, has invited public to come up with different names for the Panda's---Fantastic idea for sure.

Among the names that have received the most support so far are Chih-Ming & Chun
-Chiao----One China & One Taiwan

More here from Taiwan News Online

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